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CD 01

01. Sailing away
02. A woman’s heart
03. Fatal hesitation
04. Missing you
05. The lady in red
06. Tender hands
07. Seperate tables
08. I want it(and I want it now!)(Dj Q-Ball mix)
09. Waiting for the hurricane
10. One word(Straight to the heart)
11. This Is love
12. The head and the heart
13. Nothing ever happens round here
14. Borderline
15. Talk to me
16. So beautiful
17. Carry me(Like a fire in your heart)
18. Blonde hair, blue jeans
19. Say goodbye to it all

CD 02

01. Where we will be going
02. When I think of you
03. Don’t pay the ferryman
04. Here is your paradise
05. Ship to shore
06. This waiting heart
07. Patricia the stripper 2000
08. Where peaceful waters flow
09. The simple truth(A child is born)
10. The snows of New York
11. High on emotion
12. The traveller
13. There’s a new star up in heaven tonight
14. By my side
15. A spaceman came travelling
16. The ecstasy of flight(I love the night)
17. Diamond in the dark
18. Man on the line
19. The getaway

Informação do Disco
Gênero: Pop Internacional
Tamanho: 347 MB
Formato: MP3
Ano de Lançamento: 2010

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